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15 January 2018

Auping presents sleep innovations at the IMM expo

This year, Royal Auping presents three sleep innovations at the IMM expo in Cologne: Auping Support Scan, Auping Connect and Somnox Sleep Robot. This affirms that the bed and mattress manufacturer from Deventer (NL) is continuously developing solutions for a great night’s rest. From the 15th to the 21st of January 2018, the international home interiors trade show IMM displays the newest trends in furniture and home interiors design.

Auping Support Scan

Auping believes in a good mattress for everyone. Each person’s body is different. This makes a reliable mattress advice extremely personal. Auping follows a couple of clear steps for each person to find the right mattress for them. To this end, Auping has introduced the ‘Auping Support Scan’ to make it easier to find the perfect mattress. It is a measurement tool inside a mattress that uses an objective method to determine which mattress is most ergonomic for the person being measured. Sleep comfort is primarily determined by the level of support and the comfort preference when lying down. The body pressure on each pocket spring is measured by sensors, which provide a detailed profile of the body. This ensures reliable advice is given about the firmness and the individual zones in the mattress.

Auping Connect

Auping Connect is a device that allows a consumer to operate an adjustable Auping bed using an app on their phone or tablet. The consumer uses the app to easily adjust both halves of the bed, separately or simultaneously. Auping Connect has unique features, such as an alarm that wakes the user by raising the adjustable mesh base of the bed. It also has a timer that automatically adjusts the bed 
downwards. This is useful for those who fall asleep in their bed when reading or watching TV. At a later stage, the app will also be able to communicate with other applications in the bedroom and in the house, such as lamps, the thermostat, or sound systems. 

Somnox Sleep Robot

Somnox is the first sleep robot in the world. It was invented and designed at the Robotics Institute at the Delft University of Technology and it was co-designed and manufactured by Auping. Auping expects it to be on the market by July 2018. The Somnox Sleep Robot is a soft ‘cuddly robot’ that helps the user fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up feeling refreshed. It uses intelligent technology to calm the body. The sleep robot has a range of effective features and simulates human breathing. Feeling the calm breathing when holding the sleep robot, helps the user to relax and breath calmly. The sleep robot registers the phase of sleep and adjusts the rhythm accordingly. In addition to simulating breathing, the Somnox Sleep Robot can play peaceful sounds that stop when a user falls asleep, e.g. guided meditation, music and heartbeat.

Auping en Somnox

IMM Cologne

Monday 15 untill Sunday 21 January 2018 

Messeplatz 1, 50679, Cologne

Auping stand: Hall 9, aisle A, no. 022