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Auping in hotels

睡眠的重要性 is often underestimated. But we are fully aware of its importance, and the feeling you get when you step out of bed after an Auping night. Full of energy and ready for a new day. 

Experience Auping for yourself. Go for an optimal Auping experience and reserve a night in one of the many hotels which have set up rooms with Auping beds and Auping box springs.

Deventer: Hotel Huis Vermeer
Grand Boutique Hotel "Huis Vermeer"
Grote Kerkhof 7, 8, 9
7411 KT Deventer
T: 0570 612826

Zwolle: Librije's Hotel
Librije's Hotel
Spinhuisplein 1 
8011 ZZ Zwolle 
T: 038 853 00 00 
F: 038 853 00 09

Maastricht: Kaboom Hotel
Kaboom Hotel
Stationsplein 1
6221 BT Maastricht
T: 043 321 11 11