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23 November 2016 , Danielle Peters - content manager Auping

What keeps us awake at night?

Tossing, turning... Everyone knows how it feels and everyone has a bad night now and then. Whether you are exhausted or not, falling asleep is not always that easy. In fact, the number one cause that keeps you awake at night is a bed that is either too cold or too hot. But fortunately you can easily solve this problem!

We can't sleep at night because...

We can't sleep at night because...

1. A whopping 17% of the people (in the Better Days app) are kept awake at night because their bed is either too hot or too cold.
2. Stress is the number two cause, with a percentage of 13% of respondents.
3. Environment noise and light are ranked in third place, with 10%.

Fortunately the no. 1 cause that keeps us awake at night can be easily solved.

  • Choose the right duvet.
  • Choose the right fitted sheet.
  • Choose the right ticking.
  • Bonus tops for an even better sleeping climate

Choose the right duvet.


The best material choice for a duvet is personal. Auping has three fillings.

  • Down: A down duvet feels light and will contribute to a pleasant sleeping climate, in summer and winter. What’s more, down provides excellent insulation. 
  • Synthetic: Synthetic duvets are filled with hollow fibres and microfibres and are a good alternative for people with allergies. 
  • Cotton: A cotton duvet is a fantastic summer duvet and a popular choice for people who feel hot at night.  

    Every duvet has a different warmth rating. Some people feel hot at night, others tend to feel chilly. That is why have four different warmth ratings. There’s a duvet for everyone.

    • If you tend to feel cold at night, choose warmth rating 1: A really warm duvet!   
    • “Sleepers who feel their bed is often the right temperature” should go for warmth rating 2.  These duvets are best suited to the Dutch climate.
    • Sleepers who often feel hot at night should choose warmth rating 3: These duvets are ideal for people who tend to overheat.
    • “Night sweaters” should go for warmth rating 4: A proper summer duvet, which provides optimal comfort even when used on warm nights.

    Choose the right fitted sheet

    mattress protectors

    Yes, it’s true, your fitted sheet will also influence your sleeping temperature.

    We have jersey and percale fitted sheets. A jersey fitted sheet is elastic because it has been knitted, like socks. Percale is woven, which is why it does not stretch, like a shirt. A jersey fitted sheet will allow you to sink slightly deeper into your mattress for a pleasantly warm feeling. With a percale sheet, you lay on top of your mattress, which is why you might feel less warm. While both of these fabrics are made of cotton, they are processed in a different way, with a different relief. Jersey is more textured, thereby ensuring the warmth is more insulated whereas percale is smoother and releases warmth more easily.


    • Do you often feel too hot at night? Then choose a percale fitted sheet.
    • Do you often feel too cold?  Choose a jersey fitted sheet.

    Choose the right ticking

    Mattress vivo warm Auping

    You can buy a cool or warm ticking for our Cresto, Maestro and Vivo mattresses. Warm tickings are made of velours (knitted with cut piles that feel super-soft), a very dense fabric made of wool. A cool ticking is knitted and flatter. The warm ticking retains warmth better and has insulating properties whereas the cooler ticking will distribute the warmth more easily.  You can buy two tickings for your mattress of course: a cooler one for summer nights and a warm one for the winter months.

    • Do you often feel too cold? Then choose a warm ticking.
    • Do you often feel too hot at night? Then choose a cool ticking. 

    Handy! The tickings can be unzipped, making them easy to wash and/or dry-clean.

    Bonus tips for a pleasant sleeping climate

    • Open your curtains every day. UV light helps prevent the spread of dust mites.
    • Everyone sweats at night, even cold sleepers. Ventilate your room every day. It lets in plenty of oxygen and keeps your room fresh.
    • Do not make your bed every morning. Flip open the sheets and duvets and let it breathe. It will promote ventilation and ensure you get to sleep in a nice, fresh bed at night.
    • Feel too warm?  Then stick your bare foot out from under the covers. It is scientifically proven and this really works! 
    • Keep a plant in your bedroom for a good night’s sleep. Why? Read more about this here 

    Sweet dreams!