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17 October 2017

Auping debuts at Dutch design week

Koninklijke Auping will be heading to Dutch Design Week (DDW) for the first time ever in 2017. The bed and mattress specialist and the design duo from RENS will be presenting their joint research project, Nighty-Night Colours, during the 16th edition of this event. The exhibition for this colour study will be on display in the RENS Studio (Eindhoven) from 21 through 29 October.

Nighty-Night Colours

Auping customers can personally pick out every aspect of their beds and can choose from nearly 100 colours. Because every order is directly and individually processed, consumer preferences can be seen daily in the residual materials on the shop floor.

Research duo RENS used this data as the starting point for an intensive colour study. This resulted in a concept with a large quantity of data to be visualised and questions to be answered, such as ‘Which colours are purchased the most?’, ‘Which ones are purchased the least?’, ‘What are the ratios in this regard?’, and ‘Are there differences by country or region?’. 


The results of the RENS study and the collaboration with Auping will be on display in the RENS Studio (Eindhoven) during the Dutch Design Week from 21 through 29 October 2017. Different graphic representations of the Auping customer choices are a part of the exhibition. Nighty-Night Colours sets the extensive range of choices against the background of limited variation in those choices.

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