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23 November 2016 , Danielle Peters - content manager Auping

Green is healthy

Do you keep a plant in your bedroom? A lot of people don’t, which is a shame, because plants are healthy for you. In the past people thought that keeping plants in the bedroom was harmful because they use your oxygen at night... But now we know better! They use so little oxygen that you would actually have to stuff your room with plants to notice anything. In fact, keeping a plant in your bedroom is actually good for you!
Oxygen from the plant

A short biology lesson about photosynthesis

Do you remember? A plant releases oxygen during the day, by converting carbon dioxide in the air, moisture in soil and sunlight. But at night, this process is reversed. Because there is no sunlight, plants convert oxygen into carbon dioxide.

In the old days
In hospitals, they removed plants from patients’ rooms at night because plants use oxygen at night. They were afraid that the plants would consume too much oxygen.  

And now?
But now we know better. Plants are good for you. Generally speaking, plants have a positive effect on the humidity and oxygen levels in your room. Research by NASA has even shown that there are several plants can purify air. These include the Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum), English Ivy (Hedera), Mother-in-Law’s Tongue (Sansevieria) and Dracaena reflexa.  So which plant do you keep in your bedroom?

Welke plant kies jij?




Even more proof that keeping plants in the bedroom is good for you!

  • Australian research has revealed that just having a few potted plants in your room can vastly improve the air quality in the room. The measurements were done with and without plants in the room. 
  • According to Doctor Jos de Smet, plants in the bedroom even reduce respiratory infections and irritations. Heating systems leach moisture, resulting in dry air, which in turn can cause breathing difficulties. Plants help increase the moisture level in the room. 
  • According to research by NASA, plants in your room also have a soothing effect. A good start to your day. 
Green plant bedroom

Get the most out of the plants in your bedroom

  • Take good care of your plants
  • Put them in a nice, bright place
  • Don’t put them to close to your radiator
  • Every plant is different, so see what works for your plant

Sweet dreams!