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6 January 2017

What makes a good bed base so important?

A good bed base is extremely important because it guarantees the right level of support and ventilation. The right bed base lengthens the life of your mattress (thanks to proper ventilation) and ensures it gives you great support by applying the right amount of counter-pressure just where you need it. You can choose from two different bed systems: a regular bed and a box spring. For both a bed and a box spring you can choose from a range of different bed bases. There are many types of bed bases on the market, each one with specific features. Auping only offers mesh bases. Why, you ask? Well, you’ll discover everything you need to know here, and we’ll highlight the other options too.

The different bed bases

There are many types of bed bases, each one with specific features.   Below, you will find an overview of the five most common bed bases:

The Auping mesh base

  • Excellent ventilation; a mesh base has 80% open space for air circulation. Much more than any other bed base.
  • Diagonally stretched mesh that provides excellent support.
  • The mattress has an astonishing 10,000 support points, giving your body just the support it needs.
  • The mesh base is the only bed base that offers support on every square centimetre.

Tip: Combine an Auping mattress with the Auping mesh base for optimal support.  Your mattress supports your entire body and always stays in place, also on an adjustable mesh base.

Box-spring base

  • As the name suggests, it is literally a ‘box with springs’.
  • Guarantees a high level of comfort and resilience.
  • All Auping box springs have a mesh base, which ensures optimal ventilation. (see photo)

Tip: The outside doesn’t always reveal what hides inside.  Cheaper box springs often have a bottom box that is not well ventilated due to its virtually closed base

Slatted base

Auping mattresses
  • Consists of elastic horizontal slats across the width of a wooden frame.
  • Suitable for foam and pocket-spring mattresses.
  • A good slatted base has a maximum of 3 cm in between the slats. Auping mattresses can be perfectly used on a slatted base.

Tip: To safeguard the quality of your mattress, you should opt for a slatted base that has a minimum of 28 slats. Fewer slats result in more space between each slat, which can damage your mattress because there is no counter-pressure on the springs inside the mattress. There are so many options on the market, and unfortunately also huge differences in quality!

Disc-spring base

  • Consists of freely moving spring elements (plastic discs) mounted onto a wooden frame.  
  • Mainly suitable for foam mattresses.
  • The firmness of each ‘disc’ can be adjusted separately.

Tip: This type of base has considerable fewer support points than a mesh base and the tighter structure also allows for less ventilation.

Vlavro bed base

  • Consists of a thin board with ventilation holes.
  • This base is not well-ventilated at all compared to a mesh base, because it hardly lets any fresh air through.
  • It does, however, provide even counter-pressure and consequently evenly spread support.

Tip: A Vlavro bed base is often labelled uncomfortable because, as it is not well ventilated, it tends to get very hot.

Adjustment options of the 3-motor mesh base

Electrically 背部調整 and foot section, and head support