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13 June 2016

Auping introduces new collection made from waste fabrics

Auping introduces 'Leavings by Auping': a collection of accessories, fully created out of leftover materials from the Auping factory. The first product to be introduced is a bi-coloured decorative pillow of which the in- and outside are produced from waste fabrics. In the future, new products will be added to this sustainable collection, such as pyjamas and night lamps. 'Leavings by Auping' contributes to the company's goal to limit waste and become fully sustainable. The collection is - just like all Auping products - Dutch; the design and production facilities are located in Deventer.

Every pillow from the 'Leavings by Auping' collection is handmade

Leavings collection

Each pillow has unique colours and materials; the design completely depents on the fabrics that are available at that particular moment.

- The outside fabric is made from leftover materials of the box spring production.

- The coloured piping, which is sewed between the different fabrics, originates from the padded matrasses.

- The inside of the pillow is cut out of residual materials used in matrasses.

- The stuffing of the pillow is derived from cutting waste of the matrass covers.

Leavings collection