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Give your guests an energised day thanks to the best in Auping sleeping comfort.

Good sleep is fundamental for a healthy and energetic lifestyle. Koninklijke Auping firmly believes that the quality of sleep can always be improved. That is why, for over 128 years, we have worked hard in Deventer to create the ultimate in comfortable sleeping solutions for the future, bringing passion and curiosity to the job. The emphasis is always on a high level of quality, comfort, design and durability. 

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A good night’s rest is essential when you want to have an energetic day. If your guests wake up rested and refreshed, then they can get the most out of their days, and get the utmost enjoyment out of everything your hotel has to offer.

Hans Kokkeel, Manager Auping B2B

First Night Effect
We turn over an average of 30 times a night in our sleep; this is good for our circulation and to keep our joints flexible.
The first time you sleep in a “strange” bed, like in a hotel, your sleep is often more restless; this is called the “first night effect”.
That is why it is so important, not just at home, but in hotels too, to have a bed that provides the best support for the body and is optimally ventilated so that every guests wakes up the next day refreshed and full of energy. 

With Auping, your guests can sleep with a “clean conscious”
Sustainability has always been a part of our DNA. For us, sustainability starts with sustainable product quality, which means the product will last for a long time. We are aware of the increasing scarcity of energy, minerals and raw materials, and the impact of this on our ecosystem.
This is why Auping builds a sustainable relation with its surroundings, the environment and individuals. So we aim to organise all our operating processes, products and services in a sustainable way (and according to the C2C principle) by 2020. We are currently setting up circular operating processes based on the reuse of materials without wasting resources and all Auping products will be manufactured by means of energy-neutral processes in the near future.

Read more about our sustainability policy here.

Design tailored to your hotel
Auping has been a beacon of design for decades. This has created high-quality designs that are both contemporary and timeless. We not only aim for the best sleeping comfort in our designs; we also strive to obtain the highest quality that can be produced in a sustainable manner. All of our products and designs have a long lifespan and are manufactured in Deventer under our own management and according to the highest quality standards.
Thanks to the immeasurable choices in bed models, box springs, colours and fabrics, there is always a combination that will perfectly suit your hotel’s style.  However, if you still want something just a little different, there is a lot possible after consultation to perfectly align Auping’s sleeping quality with your hotel.

Take a look at our collection boxsprings, beds or matressess.*

Service & Contact
When you opt for Auping, you are not only opting for the best sleeping comfort; you’re opting for the best service too. All of our mattresses and beds are manufactured in Deventer (NL). In addition to the best quality, this also guarantees reliable and flexible deliveries. 

Would you like to offer your guests the ultimate sleeping comfort?
Then please don’t hesitate to contact Hans Kokkeel via [email protected] or on +31 (0)570 68 18 11.

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