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Manually adjustable mesh base

Manually adjustable mesh base

The manually adjustable mesh base has a back and foot section that can be adjusted manually and offers unique support and ventilation thanks to its diagonally stretched mesh base. 

Several sizes are available. Width varies from 70cm to 140cm and length varies from 190cm to 220cm. Best sold sizes are: 

The back section of the manually adjustable mesh base can be adjusted to 13 different positions. The foot section can be manually adjusted to 6 different positions. The spacious sitting section of the mesh base ensures that the mattress can shape well when adjusted and that you can sit up comfortably. Available in several formats.
Wake up well rested and fresh. Ready for a new day. Because of the 80 % open structure of the mesh base there is a lot of room for clean and fresh air supply. The mesh base is the only base that offers support at every square centimetre because of the more than 10,000 support points and always returns to its original position.
  • 網架: Manually adjustable mesh base

  • 背部調整 section: Manually adjustable to 13 different positions
    Adjustable foot section: Manually adjustable to 6 different positions

  • Colour: Deep black

  • Maximum load: maximum weight of 1 person 140 kg. Normal adjustment, normal use.

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