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20 December 2016

Landal guests now sleep on Auping beds

Based on the principle that 'After a day full of discovery, you deserve a good night's sleep', Royal Auping and Landal GreenParks are joining forces. Luxury and Luxury+ bungalows at a number of Landal's holiday parks are being furnished with Auping box springs. These luxurious beds in bungalows surrounded by nature offer guests the very best in sleeping comfort, ensuring they get a good night's sleep and that their days are full of energy. This means that, together, Auping and Landal are enabling guests to make the very most of their holidays. And while doing so, they are also taking sustainability into account.

Guests at Hof van Saksen, Landal Heihaas, Heideheuvel, Hoog Vaals, Coldenhove and Rabbit Hill in the Netherlands and at Sonnenberg in Germany already sleep on Original Box Springs by Auping. Over the coming months, more Landal GreenParks resorts will be furnished with Auping beds and mattresses.

Thomas Heerkens, CEO of Landal GreenParks, explains: "Guests come to our parks to enjoy the peace and quiet, the open spaces, nature and being with each other. By using Auping beds, we are increasing that luxury feel that is of such huge importance to our guests. Through our cooperation with Auping, we are also making a great contribution to the circular economy."

Aart Roos, CEO of Auping, adds: "A good, healthy night's sleep is fundamental if we want to lead an energetic life. Fortunately, there is growing recognition for this. Working with Landal GreenParks enables us to provide Auping sleeping comfort to a large number of consumers during their holidays. While sleeping, the body relaxes and recovers so that you can start the new day feeling fit and energetic. A day full of discovery is something that we are happy to make a contribution to! Our cooperation with Landal GreenParks fits in with our objective of achieving international growth in the hotel and leisure market."

Partners in sustainability

Sustainability plays an important role in the operational management of both companies.

Landal GreenParks and Auping are both aware of the increasing scarcity of energy, minerals and raw materials and of the impact this is having on the world around us. They are taking a large number of measures to reduce this impact to zero. As Auping uses responsibly-sourced, recyclable and safe ingredients and raw materials, manufactures using renewable energy and produces mattresses and box springs that have long quality life spans, its products fit extremely well with the sustainability policy pursued by Landal GreenParks.