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23 November 2016 , Daniel Janus - Digital manager Auping

Counting sheep is boring

We all sleep. In fact, like the weather, this is a very popular topic for discussion. Discussing how your children kept you awake all night again, how you went out all weekend and had to catch up on your sleep on Monday, how you are sleeping so much better since you bought a new mattress. We have gathered some facts about sleep that you can share next time you discuss this hot topic.

No cat naps

Sleeping coala

Did you know that...

  • counting sheep is boring and can even keep you awake?
  • humans are the only mammal to voluntarily postpone their sleep?
  • a giraffe sleeps 2 hours on average, while a koala can sleep up to 22 hours a day on average?

Hitting the hay


Did you know that...

  • women on average need sixty more minutes of sleep than men?
  • 25% of married couples in the UK sleep in separate beds?
  • men tend to sleep on the right side of the bed?
  • waking up together is more beneficial for your relationship than falling asleep together?

In your wildest dreams


Did you know that...

  • 12% of all people always dream in black and white?  Before colour TV this figure was much higher, namely 75%.
  • you forget 50% of your dreams 5 minutes after waking up?
  • when you substantially reduce your daily calorie intake your dreams will be less sexually tinted?

A loss of energy

Did you know that...

  • lack of sleep will kill you faster than lack of food?
  • the world record for staying awake” is almost 265 hours?
  • going without sleep for 16 hours has the same effect on your body as 3 glasses of beer?  So no driving if you are sleep-deprived!