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Sustainable and unique

This pillow is a symbol of how we passionately work on our sustainable and unique brand every day.

This pillow is made of fabric remnants from our Auping sewing studio in Deventer. By giving these fabric remnants a new destination, we have created a pillow that contributes to the Auping philosophy to not waste resources and raw materials. Each Leaving is unique in material and color combination and made from two different residues and contrasting decorative trimming. Naturally, these pillows are in random colors and fabrics depends on residues which are present in the Auping sewing studio. Which means: your pillow is sustainable and unique.

Sustainable and unique

The pillows from the 'Leavings by Auping' collection are handmade by seamstresses in the Auping's sewing studio in Deventer. Each pillow has unique colours and materials; the design completely depends on the fabrics that are available at that particular moment.

Tech specs

  • Format
    38 cm x 38 cm

  • Material
    Depends on available frabics

Take a look in our production location and watch how we make the Leavings >